Revised in November 2013
  Cancellation of classes
  In the event of an approaching typhoon or other natural disaster, high school classes at the LTTC and at LTTC-LI will be cancelled only if the Taipei City government announces that schools are closed. If it is announced that both work and school are cancelled, then the LTTC and LTTC-LI will be closed and all classes will be cancelled. For information on whether classes are cancelled, please call LTTC-LI(02-3322-1100) or refer to the website,
  Make-up classes
  If classes are cancelled due to a typhoon or other natural disaster, the schedule for courses that meet daily (Mon-Fri) will be extended by one day. For classes that do not meet daily, an additional class meeting will be added to the schedule. For Saturday classes, an additional Saturday meeting will be added to the end of the schedule; however, should the specified Saturday be a government-designated day of work or a holiday, then the classes will meet on the Sunday following that day.
In the case of a second cancellation of classes due to a typhoon or other natural disaster, the LTTC and LTTC-LI will offer other options for making up classes and notify the students.

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